Clubs and Activities

We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities. Not only is it fun to belong to a group, but being involved also helps build self-confidence, friendships, and interests that will be a positive influence throughout their lives. Please check out our clubs and activities below!

Student Council

  • Sponsor - Cindy Hanser
  • Officers
    • President: Hannah C.
    • Vice President: Luis J.
    • Record Keeper: Eric A.
    • Promoter: Isiah A.
    • Coordinator: Gabriel R.
  • Representatives
    • 5th Grade: Kayla N., Estevan M., Abel B.
    • 6th Grade: Clay N., Anthony Q., Kaylee C.
    • 7th Grade: Yarely P., Geyladine J., Anai M.
    • 8th Grade: Lupita A., Ramon C., Sariah V.