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Check Out Our Student Council

We consider Student Council a very important part of the school. Here we can have a great time together and at the same time act as a working government within our school. The Student Council members work with the school faculty, expressing their opinions and helping in the functions of the school. It promotes leadership and initiative.

Student Council Members

President – Daniel Murillo
The president conducts all student council meetings and represents the council at all official functions and assemblies.

Vice-President – Vianey Perez
The vice-president assists the president when needed and serves in the absence of the president.

Secretary – Kesontaye Lewis and Leslie Romero
The secretary maintains an accurate account of all meetings and prepares all of the official correspondence.

Treasurer –  Nathaly Torres
The treasurer maintains an accurate account of the council's financial status and works together with the advisor and school secretary.

Grade Level Representatives

Representatives from each grade level are also active members of our Student Council. They represent their homeroom and report back any information discussed at the meetings.

  • Fifth grade: Andrew Michel, Ashley Arvicu, Diego Rocha, Stephanie Diaz
  • Sixth grade: Sharon Moreno, Tiana Crisostomo, Fabio Gutierrez, Adriana Coto
  • Seventh grade: Danitza Campiz, Destanee Soto, Jessica Arizmendi, Yeni Villegas
  • Eighth grade : Xitlallic Ortega-Perez, Esmeralda Franco, Rani Gilla, Anneth Martinez