Group of Hands
Get Involved Clubs and Activities

We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities. Not only is it fun to belong to a group, but being involved also helps build self-confidence, friendships, and interests that will be a positive influence throughout their lives. Please check out our clubs and activities below!

Student Council

  • Sponsor - Cindy Hanser
  • Fifth grade representatives - Julia M., Erin C., and Clay N.
  • Sixth grade representatives - Isaiah (promoter), Hannah, and Luis J.
  • Seventh grade representatives - Stephanie D., Ashley (Vice President), and Edward (Recorder)
  • Eight grade representatives - Faith (President), Juliana A., Beatrice


  • Sponsor - Michael Tupponce
  • Representatives – Gabriel Ramos, Eric Alcazar, Javier Acosta (President), Edward Gomez, Galilea Martinez Mota, Emilio Alcantar, Ashley Arvizu (Vice President), Diego Rocha (Treasurer), Anjelica Lopez (Secretary)